Programme-COLLNET 2016
Accepted Papers List
Accepted Papers List

Organizing Committee

General Chair
Hildrun Kretschmer, COLLNET, Germany

Steering Committee Chair
Jean-Charles Lamirel, Equipe SYNALP (ex. INRIA TALARIS) - LORIA - Nancy

Technical Program Chair
P K Jain, PhD, Librarian, Institute of Economic Growth, Delhi, India

Organizing Committee of INIST

COLLNET 2016 Regional Chairs
Chair of Africa, America, Australia and Europe:
Valentina Markusova (Russia)

Regional Chair China:
Liang Liming (China)

Regional Chair India:
Ramesh Kundra (India)

N.K. Wadhwa (India)
Divya Srivastava (India)
Sujit Bhattacharya (India)
P. K. Jain (India)

Regional Chair Iran:
Farideh Osareh (Iran)