Prof. Dr. Hildrun Kretschmer has studied psychology and is working in the field of bibliometrics, informetrics and scientometrics since about 30 years. She is Board Member of the journal Scientometrics and of the ISSI conferences.

Further she is Founder and Co-ordinator of the Global Interdisciplinary Research Network COLLNET: "Collaboration in Science and in Technology"since 2000 as well as Editor of the COLLNET Journal of Scientometrics and Information Management since 2007.

She is appointed as Honorary Professor at the Henan Normal University, Xinxiang, China and she was working as Professor at the Dalian University of Technology, China, from 2004-2009. At present she is appointed as Honorary Director and Special Fellow of WISELAB of the Dalian University of Technology, China.


Dr Grant Lewison has worked in bibliometrics for nearly 30 years and is currently Senior Research Fellow in the Department of Cancer Policy at Guy's Hospital, King's College London, and a Director of Evaluametrics Ltd, a bibliometric consultancy.  His main interests are in alternative measures of biomedical research impact, such as citations on clinical guidelines and in the mass media.  Recently he has become increasingly involved in onomastics, the study of the origins of names, with a view to the analysis of the nationality and sex of countries' researchers. Previously he was at University College London and the City University, to which he was seconded from the Wellcome Trust, where he was Senior Policy Adviser, and set up the Research Outputs Database of UK biomedical papers with details of their funding sources on behalf of a "club" of members and the Trust.

Dr. Bernd Markscheffel is Akademischer Rat at the Departmentof Economic Sciences and Media at Technische Universität Ilmenau. He received a Diploma degree in Semiconductor Physics and Electronics from TH Ilmenau, graduated in Information Science and received a doctoral degree (Dr.-Ing.) in Applied Informatics. Since 2000, he works at the Chair of Information and Knowledge Management. His main research and teachinginterests include the broad range of the analytical potential of information in its complete life cycle, from semantic modelling to information retrieval as well as its practical application in Digital Libraries, Ontologies and Science Policy. He is author of more than 50 scientific   papers and speeches. In the 90s he was mainly responsible for the continuation of the “Oberhofer Kolloquium”, a well-known conference series for Information Professionals in Germany. He plays an active role at the ICITST conference series on Information Security, which he led as General Chair in 2010. He is Fellow Member of the Scientific Society of Advanced Research and Social Change (SSARC). Furthermore, in 2014, as Steering Committee Chair, he organized the 15thCOLLNET Meeting 2014,which was held from September 3-5 2014 in Ilmenau, Germany.
Ruth A. Pagell  has been a practicing librarian, library director, library school educator, speaker and writer.  She worked in library leadership positions at the University of Pennsylvania and Emory University and as Founding Librarian for Li KaShing Library at Singapore Management University.  She has taught LIS courses for Drexel, Clark Atlanta, and University of Hawaii, and a KM course at Nanyang University Singapore.In addition to living in Singapore and Thailand, she has written and spoken at conference around the world.  She co-authored International Business Information: How to Find It, How to Use it. Her latest interest is bibliometrics and university research rankings, writing for non bibliometricians.  This is exemplified in her chapter in the Springer Book Library and Information Science,”Bibliometrics and University Research Rankings Demystified for Librarians”  (open access)  and her series of articles for Access eNewsletter, Ruth;s Rankings (on the web)..  She has been a member of IFLA and SLA.
Theo Kretschmer is Master in Education Theory and he is working since 2000 as the Science manager of the COLLNET-Center and as COLLNET conference manager. His work in co-operation with Hildrun Kretschmer deals with collaboration processes in science and in technologyand the joint publication list is showing more than 30 papers published in several international journals and proceedings.

Dr. Ravichandra Rao, Professor & Head (Retired) Indian Statistical Institute Documentation Research and Training Centre Bangalore. After completing BSc. in Mathematics and Statistics from the Mahatma Gandhi Memorial College, Udupi in 1968, Prof. Rao obtained his Master's degree in Statistics (M.Stat) and Diploma in Computer Science from Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata in 1970. He also completed the Associateship in Documentation (1975) course from DRTC of the Indian Statistical Institute. He received his Ph.D. degree from the University of Western Ontario, Canada, in 1981 (Thesis was in the area of Bibliometrics.)

He joined Documentation Research and Training Centre (DRTC) of the Indian Statistical Institute (ISI) in Oct. 1970. Since June 1987, he is working as Professor at DRTC.
Prof. Rao is also the Chief Editor and the Editor of the COLLNET Journal of Scientometrics and Information Management and SRELS Journal of Information Management respectively.
Yuan Sun, Japan is an associate professor in the Information and Society Research Division at National Institute of Informatics (NII), Japan. Her research topics cover bibliometric studies of research trends, triple helix model of University-Industry-Government relations, research evaluation methodologies, and psychometric researches. Her current research interest especially lies at learning analytics and institutional research based on learning and educational data. She has been a visiting professor at Beijing Normal University China; a visiting research fellow at National Institute of Science and Technology Policy (NISTEP) Japan; an advisory board member of the follow-up on the 3rd Science and Technology Basic Plan in Japan; an advisory board member of Global Alliance for Measuring University Performance –Global Research Benchmarking System (GRBS) and the core technical group member for the advisory board.
Martin Meyer is Director of Kent Business School and Professor of Business & Innovation at the University of Kent. He studied business, economics and sociology at the Universities of Dortmund (Germany) and Uppsala (Sweden) and holds a D.Phil. in Science and Technology Studies which he obtained from SPRU, the Science Policy Research Unit, at the University of Sussex. Martin also worked in the private sector, for RAND Europe and Technopolis Group. He holds visiting appointments at the Birkbeck Centre for Innovation Management Research, the Centre for Research & Development Monitoring at Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, and SC-Research at the University of Vaasa. Professor Meyer is well known for his work on science, technology and innovation as well as the Triple Helix on university-industry-government relations. More specifically, he is interested in the bibliometric analysis of science and technology and their interrelationships. Professor Meyer has served on advisory boards and committees of a number of public and private sector organisations. He has more than 100 publications to his name, including more than 50 articles in international, peer-reviewed journals, such as Research Policy, R&D Management, Scientometrics, and Technological Forecasting & Social Change. Professor Meyer is also one of the editors of Prometheus: Critical Studies in Innovation and a member of the editorial advisory board of Scientometrics.
Kim H. Veltman is Scientific Director of VMMI (Virtual Maastricht McLuhan Institute, (2004- ); author and consultant on implications of new media for scholarship, culture and society. He has taught at the universities of Göttingen, Siena, Rome, Carleton; was Director of the Perspective Unit, McLuhan Program, Toronto (1990-1996), and Director of the Maastricht McLuhan Institute (1998-2004).
Trained in history and philosophy of science, culture and art, he spent twenty years as a post-doctoral fellow focused on the history of perspective, and Leonardo da Vinci. Since 1980, he has been writing on new media with respect to scholarship, culture and access to knowledge. During the 1980s, he began studying new models of culture. Since 2004, he has focussed on the history of alphabets. His awards include the Silver Order: “Service for the Arts”, International Academy of Culture and Art (Moscow, 2009).

Dee Magnoni is the Research Library Director at Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA, where she leads open access and data initiatives. Dee previously worked in both business and engineering libraries within corporate America and academia. She received her MLS from SUNY-Albany and her BA from Lehigh University. Dee is an active member of the Special Libraries Association, where she is currently a candidate for President-elect and a Fellow. She has served in numerous leadership roles.
Dr Mihyang Park, Korea has conducted interdisciplinary research in the field of library, public administration and literature. She has been working as manager in the fields of parliamentary library for nearly 20 years. Dr. Park is currently working as Director of Digital Information Policy Division in National Assembly Library of South Korea and also teaching in Yonsei Universiy as adjunct professor. Her main scholarly interests are in the wide range of user study and policy agenda such as library recognition, user behavior, copy right and open access issue. She has been a board member of KSLA and member of standing committee in the Section on Asia and Oceania of IFLA.
Labibah Zain, is a lecturer at LIS Department of Sunan Kalijaga State Islamic University (UIN Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta Indonesia), vice director of Association of Indonesian Islamic Library University, country representative for Indonesia- SLA Asian Chapter, short story writer, founder of Indonesian Blogger Family Community, editor of several books and former vice library director of UIN Sunan Kalijaga. She has spoken various topics on librarianship area both at national and international level. Her research interests are library education, school library, social media and library management. After earning her MLIS degree from McGill University, Labibah and her colluages have inisiated LIS Department at UIN Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta and her research on Library Curriculum has become the basis of designing LIS curricula at LIS Master of UIN Sunan Kalijaga.
Farideh Osareh, is a Professor at the Library and Information Science Department and Director of Knowledge Management Excellence Center of Shahid Chamran University, Ahwaz-Iran. She received PhD degree in Bibliometrics & Scientometrics from New South Wales University, Australia (1996). She was awarded distinguished woman researcher of Iran in 2004. She spent 10 month on sabbatical in Drexel University (USA) working on visualizing science (2007). She is a member of board of trustee of public Libraries of Iran. Her work has led to wide interest in this field in Iran and has motivated young master and PhD scholars to work in this field. She is associated with the international research community in the field in various capacities.
Julia Leggett, is an acquisitions librarian in the Office of Finance and Administration, Congressional Research Service, Library of Congress. Previously, she worked in the U.S. Copyright Office as a copyright acquisitions librarian and the Asian Division of the Library of Congress (LOC) as an information research assistant. Ms. Leggett was selected as the LOC’s Leadership Development Fellow in 2004 and worked in Strategic Planning Office, Office of the Librarian. She graduated from Catholic University of America with a Master’s degree in Library and Information Science in 1999. She also has a Master’s degree in International Transactions from the School of Public Policy, George Mason University.
Ms. Leggett began to serve in a leadership position in the Washington D.C. Chapter as a Business Manager (2005-2007) and Membership Director (2007-2009). Ms. Leggett served as a committee member in the SLA Leadership Development Program Committee for two years (2010-2012) and chaired the committee in 2013. She also volunteered in the Leadership and Management Division to help the Division Chair plan the leadership diversity and international librarianship programs.
At present, Ms. Leggett is serving as the Director for Program Planning and Development in the Asian Chapter. In the role, she helped the Asian Chapter develop two programs to be presented in the SLA Annual Conference in Boston in 2015. Both programs have been approved by SLA.
Dr. Bhuva Narayan is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Communication at the University of Technology Sydney, and coordinates the Digital Information Management program and the Digital Social Media program. Her professional background spans three countries and across the bookselling, editing, and publishing industries. Bhuva has an MLIS from the iSchool at the University of Pittsburgh and a PhD from the Queensland University of Technology, Australia where she studied Information Behaviours. Bhuva teaches in the area of Library and Information Science, Knowledge Management, ICT, HCI, and Digital Social Media using innovative teaching technologies. Her research interests are in human interactions with information and IT, human learning, and social media. Her current research projects include the use of mobile technologies to investigate information management for people with diabetes,and also in developing a user-friendly technology to combat cyberbullying.