Programme-COLLNET 2016
Accepted Papers List


The broad focus of the conference is on collaboration and communication in science and technology; science policy; quantitative aspects of science of science; and combination and integration of qualitative and quantitative approaches in study of scientific practices. The conference thus aims to contribute to evidence-based and informed knowledge about scientific research and practices which in turn may further provide input to institutional, regional, national and international research and innovation policy making.

Call for papers

Papers are invited for COLLNET 2016. Please submit extended abstract (3 pages) now by 15th July 2016 15th August, 2016 (extended date) to [email protected] with a copy to Hildrun Kretschmer at [email protected] and to Habil, Jean-Charles Lamirel at [email protected] The conference will consider, but not be limited to, the following indicative theme:

A. Emerging issues in Scientometrics / Informetrics /Webometrics and History

B. Data Management

C. Information Technology and Management

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